Who will deliver greater productivity...


The stage is set for the greatest battle of the year, The Great HR debate 2018. Team up to debate on a range of exciting topics on the theme 'Transformation of HR in the Digital World' Organised by IPM Sri Lanka to coincide with the National HR Conference 2018, ‘The Great HR Debate 2018’ is open to all public and private sector organisations that are eager to showcase the intellectual capital they possess. In addition, this exciting event will afford your employees a platform to demonstrate their knowledge on one of the most relevant issues confronting the modern day organisations - the impact of digitalisation on people and the workplace.

Enrol your team in ‘The Great HR Debate’ and be part of an exciting intellectual encounter. Contribute towards building a knowledge-driven HR community that can successfully meet the challenges posed by the rapidly evolving Digital world.


Mr. Dhammika Fernando
The Great HR Debate 2018

Who will deliver greater productivity...

Man or Machine?

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